Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Getting There

  • Do I need a motorway vignette if I arrive from Lindau?
    A vignette-free journey is possible along the B190 along the lake. More information can be found here.
  • Where can I park?
    • Parking of cars is possible in the parking area area at the lower station, as well as at the Pfaenderbahn parking garage in Schillerstrasse. Parking tickets can be validated at the cash desk, after which you will receive a time credit of three hours.
    • Parking of coaches: The drop-off area for coaches is located at the bottom of the Schillerstrasse at the roundabout. Access is via "Am Tannenbach - Belruptstrasse - Schillerstrasse". 5-minute walk to the lower station of the Pfänderbahn.
      The coach park "Busparkplatz Nord" is located on the Reichsstrasse opposite the military complex. 10 minutes by foot to the lower station of the Pfaenderbahn. By presenting the receipt for bus parking at the Pfaenderbahn ticket counter, a refund will be given for the parking fee up to a maximum of 5 hours.
  • Are there bicycle lockers available?
    There are no bicycle lockers available.Bicycles can be parked at the lower station at the partially covered bicycle stands and on the road in compliance with the road traffic regulations. Liability by Pfaenderbahn AG for dismantled bicycles is excluded. Bicycle stand availability is not guaranteed.
  • Can I include my luggage?
    Lockers are available for rent at the lower station, and can be used free of charge for one day. The key deposit of EUR 1.00 will be returned. Pfaenderbahn AG accepts no liability for valuables. 

Cable Car Ride

  • Are there any costs for the transport of baby carriages?
    Baby carriages are transported free of charge. However, please inform the staff at the ticket counter, so that you can receive a ticket with passage for baby carriages.
  • Are there any costs for the transport of dogs?
    Dogs are transported free of charge, but must be on a leash. The use of a muzzle is recommended for problem or fighting dogs. The dog owner is liable for accidents.
  • How long does the journey take and what is the difference in altitude?
    The journey with the Pfaenderbahn takes about five to seven minutes depending on the driving speed. The driving speed depends on the amount of guests waiting and the weather. There is a difference in altitude of 605 meters.
  • Do accompanying persons of disabled people have to pay for the ticket?
    People with a degree of disability of 70% will receive a discount.  Having a "B" in the certificate of disability, the accompanying person will also receive the reduced price.
  • Are bicycles transported by train?
    Bicycles are transported all day. From 8 am to 10 am this is free, after 10.00 am there is a small fee per bicycle and tour. Please note that we do not carry downhill bikes. Downhill biking is prohibited on the Pfaender.
  • Do birthday children receive a free ride on their birthday?
    Birthday children pay the normal rate on their birthday. Due to our large number of discounted rates (older persons, families, groups etc.), unfortunately, we are unable to offer any additional discounts.
  • What does "time lock" mean for the 4/8/12 tickets?
    The cards have a technical lock so that they can be reused only after 30 minutes. Therefore, they are not suitable for small groups, and are intended for persons who often use the Pfaenderbahn.

Accessibility / Travelling with Disabilities

  • Is the Pfaenderbahn accessible to the disabled?
    The Pfaenderbahn is 100% accessible. More information can be found here. The terrain on the mountain with playground, alpine park and mountain panorama has limited accessibility. The lake panorama and the ground floor of Berghaus Pfänder can be reached via ramp. Please ask inside for help at the Berghaus. Accessible toilets are located at the valley station and at the mountain station.
  • Is it possible to hike with a baby carriage / wheelchair / reduced mobility through the Alpine Wild Park (Alpenwildpark)?
    Due to the slope of the mountain and the nature of the trail, we do not recommend hiking with a baby carriage, wheelchair, or with limited mobility. From the upper part of the main entrance of the alpine wildlife park, you can see the ibexes, mouflons and wild boars, as well as the dwarf goats and rabbits in summer. Parts of the sprawling deer preserve are visible from the nearly flat accessible terrace of the Berghaus, or from the lake panorama.
  • Are there toilets for disabled people?
    In both the mountain station and the lower station, toilets are available for people with disabilities.
  • Are there specially designated parking spaces for people with disabilities?
    Directly at the lower station there are special, free parking spaces. Please follow the signs to theparking area (enter  "Steinbruchgasse 4" into your GPS). Before entering, turn right and follow the signs. There are 5 parking spaces for disabled people, three of them are suitable for small buses.


  • Is it possible to pay by credit or debit card at the restaurants?
    Berghaus Pfaender: Cash payment is available. Payment by invoice is available for registered groups, upon request.
    Gasthaus Pfaenderdohle: Payment by credit Card (Visa), or debit Card is accepted. Upon request, payment by invoice is available for registered groups.
    In the Gasthaus Pfaenderspitze: Only cash payment is accepted. Payment by invoice is available for registered groups, upon request.
  • Which restaurant is open?
    Berghaus Pfaender is open from the end of May to the end of September, Gasthaus Pfaenderdohle is open from the end of September to the beginning of May.

Eagle Sanctuary / Alpine Wildlife Park

  • What about the Eagle Sanctuary?
    The Eagle Sanctuary is permanently closed.
  • Can I use a baby carriage / wheelchair, etc., to use the circular path through the Alpine Wildlife Park?
    Due to the slope on the mountain and the nature of the trail, we do not recommend hiking with a baby carriage / wheelchair or with limited mobility. The small animal enclosures  at the main entrance of the alpine park are accessible. Please note: the trials following the cottages descends steeply downhill.


  • Is there a baby changing room?
    Baby changing facilities are located in the lower station in the lady’s and disabled persons stalls. On the mountain, they are possibilities in "Berghaus Pfaender", the lady’s toilet, as well as the men's and the disabled person’s toilets.


  • Is it possible to hike with baby carriages (to the valley)?
    Walking with baby carriages is possible on the road towards Moosegg / Jungholz, but this is a public street.
    We do not recommend hiking with a baby carriage to the valley.
  • Where can I hike?
    Information about hiking suggestions can be found here. At the lower and top stations, you will find large overview maps. Please inform yourself in advance about the route markings. Hiking maps can be purchased at the cash desk.
    Note: The paths on the Pfaender are not the property of the Pfaenderbahn. Pfaenderbahn AG is not an owner. Due to the mountainous terrain, we recommend using solid, suitable footwear for hiking.


  • Are the paths on the Pfaender clear in winter?
    The paths on the Pfaender are not cleared nor salted. Proceed at your own risk, Pfaenderbahn AG is not liable.
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