School Classes

Offers and Prices for school classes

Offers and Prices for school classes

Season: 1st of April, 2024 to 31st of March, 2025

    • from 15 persons*
    • Ascent and descent
    • from 15 persons* 5,20
    • Ascent or descent
    • from 15 persons* 33,50

* = School classes (average age up to 19 years)

One teacher per school class, all other teachers pay the student fee. Per 20 paying children one additional person free

Discount for ship travel approx. 5%, only in the summer season. Vouchers are available at the docks and on all ships towards Bregenz. Exchange into Pfänderbahn tickets on site at the lower station is necessary.

For school classes

School excursion package

Valid from 9 May to 5 July 2024

Reservation is required!

  • Travel with the Panoramic Cable Car
  • School excursion menu at the Berghaus Pfaender restaurant – spaghetti and soft drink

Tour Package
Ascent and descent: € 12,00 per person
Ascent or descent ride: € 10,60 per person

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