Pfänder alpine wildlife park

Ibexes at the alpine game park Bregenz

Rabbits, nanny goats, ibexes, wild boars, etc.

For a walk through the Alpine game park you should figure at least half an hour. The walk begins at the Pfänder mountain house with the favorites of the children the midget nanny goats and rabbits.

Immediately after, you can look at a herd of ibexes and their climbing skills. A little further we see the wild boars, the forefathers of our pigs. Next is the mouflon. Mouflons are recognised by the curved horns. The most extensive enclosure is the home to a herd of red deer. In October the deer bellow loudly during the rutting season.

After we have gone past the entrance of the former eagle vantage point, we come to the inhabitants of the last enclosure, the groundhogs. They hibernate from middle of October till the middle of March in their widely branched cave system.

Immediately after the mountain station you reach the starting point of your walk which you can also enjoy, of course, in the opposite direction.

Hungry and thirsty? It’s time for refreshments in the Berghaus Pfänder.

Open all year round during the day. Entry is free.

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