Experience the Pfänder in Bregenz

Adventure & Fun on the Pfänder

Pfänder mountain (1064 m) - The best view!

At the mountain station of the Pfänder cable car, you are recommended to take a roundtrip to the best viewpoint of Pfänder mountain.

Right at the mountain station, you will find the Rhein Valley terrace which gives you a direct view of the border areas of the old and new Rheins, the majestic mountain peaks of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Voralberg.

Further along, you will be able to visit the historical and hand worked mountain panorama from the 30’s This is based from a Lithograph from 1870, “In the Heart of the Landscape” which is also engraved on a copper plate and shows all of the mountain peaks. With the help of the engravement, you can assign each individual peak in a semicircle with the Pfänder as the center; a challenge - not only for mountain climbers.

The Lake panorama was built in 2005, with photographic, fluorescent labels. The regions panorama gives an overview of countries, cantons, cities and interesting places of the region. Due to virtual 42m curvature of the earth, the city of Constance is visible on the horizon when there is a clear view.

For technical interests, it is worth an ascended to the top of the Pfänder mountain where there is a 94m high tower which provides TV and radio signals in the Lake Constance region.

The Alpine animal park is well loved by families. The small animal area with rabbits, dwarf goats and pot bellied pigs is the beginning of a 30 minute roundtrip. In the first enclosure there are imposing ibexes, dangerous-looking boars, attentive mouflon (rams) and powerful deers. At the end of the roundtrip you will see playful groundhogs which are not shy of visitors. Information boards will tell you more about the flora and fauna of the Alps.

The Pfänder offers hikers or cyclists a full day of great experiences.

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